Sponsored Athletes

Wild Haggis

Sponsored Athletes

Every now and then, we come across an athlete we would love to have on the team. Sometimes, the circumstances may not suit either us, or our potential sponsored athlete, however. we are more than delighted with the team we are slowly putting together. Below, you will find brief profiles of our sponsored athletes along with links to their social media profiles. Please also take a look at the credited photographer who has kindly provided us with images.

Andy Wild


Photo by Sandy Smith Photography

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The Dad-Bod God with an absolute passion for fitness and sport, Andy has been a part of the independent wrestling scene, having traveled all over central Europe, the length and breadth of UK and has even worked in America for a tour. A favorite in the likes of Premier British WrestlingBritish Championship Wrestling and Insane Championship Wrestling, Andy is currently head trainer at the newly founded Fife Pro Wrestling Asylum.

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Kid Fite


Photo by Poison Photogrpahy


A sure mainstay in British professional wrestling, you ask him if he's wrestled for any company in the UK, his answer will more than likely be "Yes". Fite has won gold all over Europe and has worked with a plethora of amazing talent, such as Kevin Nash, Beer Money, The Steiner Brothers to name a few and has even worked in America for DJ Hyde's promotion, Combat Zone Wrestling. Fite is the promoter for Premier British Wrestling and is also the head trainer for the Premier British Wrestling Academy.

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