About | Wild Haggis


Wild Haggis has been a lifelong project; 

A brand that will not only help you achieve your goals, but also promote, support and encourage sporting talent. 

Not many protein brands can say they do that. In fact, we pride ourselves for looking away from the norm. We support and endorse athletes in various "alternative" sports, from the likes of MMA and Professional Wrestling to various contact sports like Rugby and Ice Hockey.

You see, while these are popular sports, they are not as big within this country that we would like it to be. Sure, we have ice hockey teams within the UK, but they are not as big as some of the American and Canadian teams. Or, we have loads of professional wrestling promotions within the UK, but some have not got the prominence over a smaller company within the States.

All this culminates into Wild Haggis helping you achieve your goals, but at the same time, you are helping these athletes to raise their profile and to make their name known.